System Built Reliably to Protect People, Assets and Information

3Si brings together the “best of breed” security technologies used by Corporate Enterprises, Government, Law enforcement agencies and Critical Infrastructure organizations for the protection of its People, Assets and Information.

Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) / Command & Control


CNL is a world leader and global provider of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software, designed for complete Integrated Situation Management. Our award winning technology is deployed to secure major cities, critical infrastructure and global commerce.

IPSecurityCenter™ is the ultimate software based integration and management platform. It connects and manages disparate building and security technologies such as video surveillance, life critical systems, radar, analytics, HVAC, PIDS, GPS tracking and GIS mapping.

IPSecurityCenter provides real-time Situational Awareness through a Common Operating Picture (COP) and following an alert, alarm or event presents step by step process guidance, ensuring complete compliance to policies.

Behavioral Recognition and Anomalies Detection

BRS labsAISight(TM), created by BRS Labs, is the industry’s first and only behavioral recognition solution for the video surveillance industry that learns and memorizes both behavioral patterns and objects in very diverse and complex environments.

No human is required to define parameters for the software to recognize specific behavior or objects, as it autonomously reports unusual or suspicious behaviors based on memories it has acquired over time, thus significantly reducing the risk of missed events by increasing efficiency and scalability.

Enterprise Class Access Control Systems and Video Management

Lenel VARLenel Systems International, Inc. is the global leader in advanced security systems, developing software and hardware that effectively and efficiently protects buildings, people and assets. Ninety-two of the Fortune 100 companies utilize Lenel products.

Open systems/architecture and easy integration were founding principles of Lenel, and remain at the forefront of Lenel’s evolution and innovation in a security world increasingly turning to cloud-based solutions and mobile monitoring. With over 20,000 systems in 93 countries, Lenel maintains leadership in flexible, scalable, integrated security solutions.

As OnGuard and other Lenel products are introduced and evolve, best-of-breed technology from multiple manufacturers can be easily integrated into almost any system aspect, so customers’ capital investments are protected and exceptional long-term value is maintained. Lenel also engineers leading edge Custom Solutions, such as mobile monitoring, appliance-based thin client solutions, and many others. Other advanced Lenel solutions include goEntry™ 3.0, a Web-based access control system; Facility Commander™ Wnx, a powerful, IT-friendly, integrated security management system; Prism, video surveillance software featuring advanced investigation tools; and an array of Global Services, encompassing education, technical support, professional services and custom solutions.

Advanced Facial Recognition Technology

5fe89d_a4486b3a38e3d68efea54fc9740501e3FaceFirst is the leader in Facial Recognition Software. The company designs, develops, deploys and supports customized turnkey identity management and security solutions for a wide range of applications.

Built as an algorithm-agnostic biometric platform, the Facial recognition System was built with the ambition of achieving global scalability.

FaceFirst’s Advanced Technology is a military-grade facial identification system that communicates instantly with a vast central database, configured according to customer’s specific requirements.

FaceFirst’s fast automated system sends detailed graphical alerts to smart phones, email, SMS, MMS and can even activate dry contacts. The high-speed face-tracking video camera identifies a potential suspect, from watch list photos and data, searching nearly one million records per second, in controlled environments and in real-time.


Emergency Mass Notification

5fe89d_7335d78800bbc161780a3e60d2083ec7Amika Mobile provides the world’s first Wi-Fi integrated emergency mass notification system developed by its technology partner that can auto-discover networked user devices and target alerts to their specific location(s) individually, or as a group or en masse.

The Amika Mobility Server software platform can be installed for on-premise use or hosted services. It is fully scalable for both small and large deployments ranging from hundreds to thousands of users, anywhere and anytime.

IP HDTV Cameras

AxisAxis is the world leader in network video, driving the shift from analog to digital. The company delivers video surveillance and remote monitoring through an expert portfolio of IP solutions.

This includes network cameras, video encoders, software and accessories, all designed on an open platform to ensure enduring results that expand the user’s potential.

Enterprise Storage & Tape Backup

5fe89d_ead66dc60417826b1e2ab4d63fdc0fc0Quantum has unrivalled experience, technology, and an integrated solution set that has proven effective in managing some of the world’s most demanding Big Data environments. Helping organizations store, manage and protect massive number of files whether it is video content being converted from analog to digital for sharing or data that organizations want to keep “forever.”, StorNext has been handling unstructured data problems for years.

We provide unrivalled value in shared storage environment and advanced data tiering solutions across disk, object storage, tape and the cloud. Companies that rely on Quantum StorNext data management solutions come from the Media and Entertainment, Security and Surveillance, Oil and Gas, Research and High Performance Computing, Life Sciences and the Government sectors.

With very strong investment in innovations, we continue to help organizations with their growing Big Data needs.

Web-based Enterprise Class Network Access Control

5fe89d_08824320180bbe1b9f60a8d5f20e4572RedCloud is a revolutionary access control solution, engineered from the ground up by IT and security veterans to deliver a new standard in performance, integration and efficiency that can only be achieved through convergence.

RedCloud’s patented, web-based, physical and virtual appliance platform leverages an open architecture, integrates identity management and video surveillance and achieves the highest level of scalability with the lowest cost of ownership, making RedCloud the logical choice in access control.

3D Visualization, Panoramic Wide Area Surveillance, Augmented Reality

5fe89d_566eecc1e43cfce98d26d9de7bf677e4Coherent Synchro is a software development company specializing in the development of 3D Visualization, Panoramic Wide Area Surveillance and Augmented Reality solutions

Our innovative applications are ideally suited to be deployed various vertical markets including critical infrastructures, airports, smart cities, stadiums and military establishments.

Coherent Synchro’s core products are the 3D Visualization Platform and the Panoramic Multi-lens Camera 360. When integrated with augmented reality, Coherent Synchro’s 3D Visualization Platform delivers 3D visualization to Command & Control Rooms, allowing operators and crisis managers to immersively navigate through real-virtual 3D environments.

the Panoramic Multi-lens Camera 360 allows multiple High Definition (HD) cameras to be stitched together seamlessly, forming a huge single screen displaying a panoramic view of a wide area surveillance picture. Overall situational awareness can further be enhanced with the integration of augmented reality and Coherent Synchro’s Panoramic Wide Area Surveillance solution.

Coherent Synchro’s solutions works on an open architecture platform and allows for integration with the industry’s standards and protocols.

Network Monitoring Systems




InterMapper is an industrial-strength network monitoring, mapping, and alerting tool that helps network administrators manage and maintain healthy IT environments. The network monitoring capabilities InterMapper provides give you a real-time view of your network, which allows you to manage hardware, software, and bandwidth requirements in order to maximize uptime with minimal resources. Not only is InterMapper a world-class network mapping and monitoring tool, but it also offers cross-platform functionality on Windows, Mac, and Linux to give you the flexibility you need in today’s diverse business environments. InterMapper Flows is a tightly integrated component of InterMapper’s suite of tools. InterMapper Flows puts you one click away from identifying users creating congestion issues by consuming large amounts of bandwidth. It offers the network administrator a robust and flexible set of reporting parameters, enabling you to collect information on top talkers, top listeners, hosts, protocols, and sessions. Finally, InterMapper RemoteAccess extends the reach of InterMapper by giving you and your staff access to maps, submaps, and configuration options from any location, letting you keep a close eye on your network no matter where you are.”