Services Are Personal To Us..

3Si provides a wide range of Professional Services, Consultancy and Customized Training Programs to our customers, delivering its in-house domain knowledge expertise combined with the global experiences brought in through strategic partnerships with leading International Experts, Institutions and Governing bodies, to value-add and bring “best-of-class” services to its customers.

5fe89d_c86aa0714a167fd461d747ba2865a3f6 (1)Project Management
3Si provides highly experienced and articulate project management services to our customers, which are customized, catered and delivered through our in-house domain knowledge expertise and strategic partnerships to meet customer expectations – on time, on budget, and on demand.

5fe89d_3cb7c29b3d47596ae80b6f92892f1fffProfessional Engineering Services
3Si provides Professional Engineering Services to our clients who require additional support and customization on their installed Systems. Our team of engineers has attained factory certification to deliver the best knowledge to our clients.

5fe89d_9a8a35d071444192cc4af0099efdc016Technical Support Services
3Si regards technical support services as an integral part of our core business.
Our Technical Support team strives to provide all customers with the best possible service experience.
​3Si provides various Service Levels of Technical Support, ranging from Offsite telephone/email support up to 24×7 with onsite response.

5fe89d_f1816cd2dc6b00f08b6a8fd67a5eeedaGlobal Security Programs
3Si brings together the “best of breed” and “world class” Technologies, Systems, Consultancy and Niche Training programs for Government, Law enforcement agencies, Critical Infrastructures and Private Sector organizations, for the protection of its People, Assets and Information.